All you need to know about payday loans. Let’s see how to receive fast personal online loans even if you are not a salaried employee, with the requisites and alternative guarantees that can be presented. Finally, how to receive small loans immediately, to meet unexpected expenses.

How to get personal loans without a paycheck

How to get personal loans without a paycheck


If you are looking for a personal loan without a paycheck, it is because you have probably started to inform you about the different solutions available, realizing how a fundamental role is played by the required requirements. Precisely the parameters that are assessed by banks to provide funding are essential to identify the perfect solution based on our requirements and our needs. In particular, the most restrictive requirements and which represent the greatest obstacles when we are interested in receiving a loan are those related to the client’s economic situation. For this reason very often the first guarantee that we are asked when we turn to a credit institution to receive a loan is the paycheck. Employees have the opportunity to guarantee the bank a constant monthly income, from which the repayment installment that we are going to fix can be deducted each month. The same can be said for pensioners, as the pension provided by INPS can be considered just as a salary. For this reason, the profiles of employees and retirees are ideal for a bank that must provide funding.

In case you are without a paycheck, however, fortunately there are solutions that will allow you to get the amount of money you need to carry out any project you have in mind. So let’s see what are the alternative guarantees to the paycheck that we will have to present to a financial institution to obtain the desired personal loan. The first category of customer without payroll that we consider is that of self-employed workers. This category includes, for example, craftsmen, entrepreneurs and all professionals with a VAT number. Often the earnings of self-employed workers can be quite important and exceed those obtained by an employee. However, the problem of not having a paycheck is that of not being able to guarantee a fixed monthly income. The alternative guarantee that can be presented is the tax return. On the basis of this the company can carry out all the appropriate assessments to estimate a maximum payment that can be addressed by the customer without too many problems. Based on this and on the basis of the duration chosen by the customer, the maximum amount that can be requested through a loan without a pay slip will be established.

The customers who obviously have the biggest problems are the unemployed, among whom we find many young people, or many women who can be housewives. How to receive a loan without a paycheck and without having an income? The solution that also allows the unemployed to obtain the desired financing is the presentation of a guarantor. The latter may be a relative, such as a parent who guarantees for the child, a friend, or in the case of a housewife can be the partner or husband. the role of the guarantor is to present financial guarantees to the bank instead of the beneficiary of the loan. It is therefore necessary that the guarantor is an employee, a pensioner or at least a self-employed person with a certain annual income. In this way, even those who are unemployed will be able to receive the personal loan without the desired paycheck. The characteristics of the loan will be the same as for a classic loan, with the payment to the beneficiary’s current account and the payment of the installments that always take place from the same account. The only case in which the guarantor comes into play is that in which the customer is not able to make monthly payments by the fixed expiry date. In this case it will be the guarantor to take charge of the monthly payment and then eventually refer to the beneficiary of the loan.

Small loans without paychecks: what amounts can be requested?

Small loans without paychecks: what amounts can be requested?

One type of financing on which it is worth dwelling on is that of small loans. We have talked in the previous paragraphs about the guarantees required by the banks in order to provide financing. Obviously, the requisites necessary to obtain a loan will be as restrictive as the amount we are going to request is higher. For this reason the loans that can be requested more easily even by the unemployed without paychecks are the small loans. There are several companies that in their range of products provide a specific one for those who are interested in receiving a rather low amount, which can be very useful for example in case you have to cope with an unexpected expense as it may be that for the mechanic following a car breakdown or medical expenses for some checks. Usually when we talk about small loans we refer to loans for an amount not exceeding 5,000 euros.

Among the best products in circulation that allow you to receive a small sum of money are the Fostal Bank Mini Loans. This type of financing is aimed exclusively at PostePay Evolution card holders. The amount that can be requested by contacting the Italian Post Office to receive a small loan can be 1,000 euros, 2000 euros or 3000 euros. Regarding the duration, this is set at 22 months, so the monthly amount that we will pay will depend on the amount of money we are interested in. It is good to specify that an income document is required among the requirements listed on the Italian Post Office website. Therefore, the categories of customers who will have access to the small loan without a paycheck are obviously the pensioners, through the presentation of the last pension slip, and the self-employed, who will present instead the last tax return. Since this is a rather low request, in most cases there will be no particular problems in receiving the desired funding.

Based on what we have just said, the Fostal Bank Mini Loans can not be requested by the unemployed, as the latter do not have the opportunity to present any income document. An advice if you are interested in this type of financing and you have a guarantor to be presented to the company is to make an appointment in the post office and present their situation, so as to find a solution to access the desired credit. A very viable alternative, which also allows the unemployed to obtain a small loan without paycheck is the so-called Pawn Credit. This type of financing is offered by several companies, including Onecredit and the Banca Carige Group. In order to receive this loan we will simply have to present to the bank an object of value, which will have to have a market price higher than the amount that will be paid to us. So you will not need any income document, as the credit institution will be protected from the possibility of obtaining the total reimbursement from the sale of the object we have left as a pledge. This is an excellent opportunity if you have an object of great emotional value as well as material. We will thus have the opportunity to get the money we need, without losing a precious asset.

Fast loans without online payroll: how to have them immediately or as soon as possible

Fast loans without online payroll: how to have them immediately or as soon as possible

One of the characteristics that is always sought by those interested in receiving a loan without a paycheck is the delivery speed. Very often it is essential that the amount of money we need be made available to us as soon as possible, so that we can cope with the expenditure we want to deal with. For this reason we want to provide some useful tips to receive fast loans without a paycheck. In some cases it is possible to obtain financing with immediate disbursement, while in others it will be necessary to wait for the bureaucratic times before obtaining the desired amount of money. The best thing to do to streamline delivery times as much as possible is to proceed with the online request. All the major banks offer their customers the possibility to request financing directly from their home computer, without even having to go to the branch office.

First of all, by connecting to the website of your bank you can easily consult the list of available financial products, with a detailed description of the main features. By comparing the treatments offered by different companies you can therefore get an idea of ​​what is the most convenient, and in particular what is the personal loan without paycheck that is right for you. To reduce delivery times and receive immediate funding, it is very important to have clear ideas regarding both the amount and the duration. In this way we can in fact proceed directly online with the request, or go to the branch without having to waste too much time in evaluating the different proposals offered by the company. To best choose the parameters that define our financing, it will be possible to use the loan simulator, available on the websites of almost all the main banks. Thanks to this software, just enter the amount desired and choose the duration to know the monthly repayment rate and interest rates. By comparing different proposals, even with those of other banks, we can easily identify the most convenient financing without payroll.

Among the most important information that we find on the website of any bank there is then the necessary documentation to present the request for funding. What you will undoubtedly have at your fingertips will be a valid identity document, a health card and an income document. Proceeding with the loan request online we can also send the documentation via computer, and then we can proceed with the request with a few simple clicks, following the wizard. If you prefer to have a direct contact with a bank advisor you can make an appointment at the branch. To receive a loan with immediate disbursement it is obviously necessary to bring all the required documentation to the branch, as otherwise it will be necessary to fix a new appointment. To determine the delivery times are however several factors, including especially the amount that we require and our economic condition. Above all, self-employed workers sometimes have to wait a few extra hours to receive the ok from the bank, as the latter must carry out all the necessary checks before proceeding with the payment.

Loan without paycheck Astrofinance: requirements and rates

The first loan proposal without paychecks that we present is that of Astrofinance. This type of loan is aimed at all those who are resident in Italy and who are between 18 and 75 years old. Astrofinance’s payday loans have the same conditions as classic personal loans. Taking a look at the requirements required by the company to be able to submit the request for funding you easily realize how these loans are aimed not only to employees with payroll, but also to self-employed who submit the tax return. To request a loan without a pay check Astrofinance you just specify the project you intend to carry out, choosing from the relevant drop-down menu, and enter the amount that we want to request. Starting the simulator we will immediately present all the solutions at our disposal, which differ from each other for the duration of the loan.

For each loan option we will be presented with the monthly repayment rate and the applied interest rates, in order to allow us to easily identify the ideal solution for us. To find out in detail the main features of Astrofinance payroll loans, especially with regard to interest rates, we have carried out some simulations. The first example that we consider is the case of a customer interested in buying a new car for a price of 20000 euros. The solution that Astrofinance selects for self-employed workers is the one with the lowest monthly payment. In particular, the repayment in 84 installments makes it possible to fix a fairly light installment, given that it will amount to € 308.80, with interest rates of 7.70% Tan and 7.9.9% of Taeg. As always in the choice of the ideal duration we must consider that if a higher number of installments allows to set a lower monthly expenditure, at the same time the longer the duration and the greater the amount to be paid for the interests. For this reason, if you are able to support a slightly higher repayment installment, our advice is to reduce the length of the loan without Astrofinance paycheck. For example, by choosing the repayment in 54 installments, the expenditure that you will face each month will be equal to 439.50 euros, while the interest rates will be Tan 7.70% and Taeg 7.98%.

The second example that we consider is instead a small loan without paychecks, also ideal for housewives who want to carry out any project. In our simulation we have requested a sum equal to 5000 euros for ” Various projects “. In this case, obviously the repayment installments will be much lower than previously seen. For this reason the solution with the highest duration is not very advisable. The repayment in 84 months provides for installments of only 76.60 euros, with Tan 7.46% interest rates and 7.77% Taeg. A duration that allows you to save on interest without having to pay an excessively high monthly payment is 36 months. In this case the monthly repayment installments will be from 155.50 euros, with interest rates Tan 7.48% and Taeg 7.74%.

Cleopar pay-free loans, fast and convenient

Another rather convenient financial is Cleopar, which also offers excellent lending solutions not only to employees but also to self-employed, housewives and unemployed. We have already talked before about the requirements necessary to have access to credit. Let’s see now what are the advantages of the payday loans offered by Cleopar. By choosing this product you will have the possibility to have access to many services that not all companies offer and which can be decisive in the choice of credit institution to which to turn. In particular we are talking about the services that take the name of ” Change ” and ” Jump ” and that allow us to skip or change the amount of our installment in the course of financing. This means that if for example in a given month we are faced with an unexpected expense and therefore we have difficulty in making the payment of the monthly payment we can choose to skip it or pay a lower amount. In this case the sum of money not refunded will be paid at the end of the total reimbursement, without having to pay any cost or penalty.

These services make the personal loan without payroll Cleopar among the best in circulation. Obviously, this is not the only reason why we advise you to consider Cleopar very much if you are looking for a loan for amounts up to € 30000. Among the characteristics of the Cleopar loans there is also that of being fast and convenient financing, aimed at a rather large clientele. Thanks to the online simulator we also have the possibility to calculate some estimates, in order to get an idea of ​​the conditions offered with Cleopar loans and to find the ideal solution for us.

The first example that we consider is a loan of 10,000 euros, a rather common figure that can be useful both for the purchase of a car and for the purchase of furniture and household appliances for the home, as for any other project. In this case a refund in 54 months may be advisable, with installments of 233.69 euros and interest rates Tan 9.90% and Taeg 11.49%. If you prefer a lower rate, under 200 euros, then the duration will have to rise to 72 months. In this case the installments will be from 187.53 euros and the interest rates Tan 9.90% and Taeg 11.29%. Considering instead the maximum amount that can be requested, it will probably be difficult to choose a particularly low duration. For example, if you choose a duration of 66 months, the installments will be € 400.11, with interest rates of 9.90% Tan and 11.98% of Taeg. If, on the other hand, you want the lowest rate ever then you have to choose repayment in 84 months, with installments of 335.96 euros and interest rates Tan 9.90% and Taeg 11.04%.

Ultranix loans without paychecks: online estimate and installment calculation for unemployed and housewives

Continuing our analysis of the best loans without paychecks currently available on the market, we can not but dwell on the funding offered by Ultranix. There are many loan options that are presented to us on the website of this financial company, which aims to meet the needs of a clientele as wide as possible. Ultranix offers the possibility of receiving funding of up to € 30000 not only to all public and private employees and pensioners, but also to self-employed and unemployed and housewives. In these last two cases, it will obviously be necessary to present a guarantor who can provide the company with an income document and all the requirements specified in the personal loans regulation. Among the most important information that is underlined on the Ultranix website is to offer the loan in just 48 hours. So this is an ideal solution even if you have to deal with an urgent expense. As with many other banks we have already discussed, we also have the option of requesting a personal loan without a payroll directly online with Ultranix.

One of the characteristics of Ultranix funding for self-employed and unemployed workers is to offer a great choice in terms of duration. In particular we can choose to defer the repayment from a minimum of one year up to a full 10 years. So let’s see some estimates online with the calculation of the installment to know the conditions of these personal loans. Consider for example the case of a loan request of 25,000 euros. Thanks to the possibility of choosing a refund in 120 months, we can set the rate not too high even for an amount like the one we are considering. The estimate in this case will present us monthly installments of 294.80 euros and interest rates Tan 6.91% and Taeg 7.80%. If you want to save money on interest, then we recommend a refund in 60 months. The monthly installments will be € 503.80, while the interest rates will be Tan 6.91% and Taeg 8.24%.

The second estimate we have calculated is for an amount equal to 10000 euros. In this case it is obviously not advisable to have a duration of 10 years, as it would involve an excessively high cost for the interests. Our advice is not to exceed 84 months. In this case, in fact, the repayment installments will be rather light, given that they will have an amount equal to only 147 euros, while the interest rates will be 5.59% Tan and 6.37% Taeg. If you have the opportunity to pay a higher repayment installment, then we advise you to lower the term to save on interest and finish the repayment of your loan first. In particular, the solution with a term of 48 months includes repayment installments of 238 euros, with interest rates of Tan 5.7% and Taeg of 6.90%.

Postal Service Italy Personal Loans without a paycheck: the PostePay and Fostal Bank mini loan

There are several financing solutions offered by Postal Service Italy to employees, unemployed and housewives who are looking for a loan without a paycheck. The product presented to us on the Italian Post Office website is the Fostal Bank loan. This type of loan, for Fostal Bank account holders with Internet Banking service, can be requested completely online thanks to the digital signature. This is certainly an advantage from the point of view of practicality, but also as regards the delivery speed. The amount that can be requested with Postal Service Italy loans without a paycheck goes from a minimum of € 3000 up to € 30000, while for the duration you can choose a repayment that goes from 24 to 84 months. Once the request has been submitted, we will be able to follow the progress of the procedure through the Italian Post Office website and we will be able to access various services including the one that allows us to change the installment amount according to our needs.

An example is presented on the Italian Post Office website to allow us to better understand the characteristics of this form of financing. In particular, a loan application amounting to 10000 euros is considered, for which a duration of 60 months is chosen. In this case the repayment installment that would be paid each month is equal to 202.30 euros. Interest rates are quite convenient, since we are talking about a 7.90% Tan and 8.19% Taeg. Given these parameters, there is also presented the ‘total amount that we will have to repay, totaling 12138 euro, which means that the cost of financing will amount to 2138 euro. Thanks to the online simulator that the company makes available to customers registered on the website you can compare the conditions of this loan with those related to other amount and other durations, so as to identify the loan without an ideal paycheck for us.

Fostal Bank loans include specific products for certain purposes, such as the Fostal Bank Auto Loan and Fostal Bank Restructuring Loans, but also different types of loans such as the Fostal Bank Consolidation Loan. This last product is reserved for those who have other loans in progress, and allows to reunify all debts in one so as to have only one monthly payment and one interlocutor. Finally, if you need a rather low sum of money, then the PostePay Mini Loan is the solution for you. As can be guessed from the name itself, this loan is reserved for PostePay Evolution card holders. The disbursement takes place on the letterhead headed to the customer, and for this it is an immediate loan. The sum of money that can be requested with the Mini Fostal Bank Loans ranges from a minimum of 1000 euros up to a maximum of 3000 euros. Unlike other types of financing, in this case it will not be possible to choose the duration, which will be equal to 22 months. In any case, however, the installments will be rather light, so you will not have any problems in repaying the amount that will be paid.

Onecredit loans without paychecks: quote and info

The last credit institution that we analyze for payday loans is Onecredit. Also in this case there are different financing options that are proposed to us, and among which we can then identify the solution that is right for us. The main difference is between small loans and personal loans for higher amounts. As regards the first type of loans, Onecredit also offers to those without payroll the product that takes the name of Credit Express Easy. With this loan option you can request a sum of money ranging from a minimum of 1000 euros up to a maximum of 5000 euros. The duration can be chosen by the customer and goes from 12 to 36 months. The great advantage of Credit Express Easy is precisely the ease with which you can make the request. All pre-assessed Onecredit account holders, holders of a current account for at least 6 months and with an active Internet Banking service can request the desired amount of money directly from their smartphone, with a simple touch on the screen, using the Onecredit App.

So getting the money you need could not be any easier than that. Moreover, thanks to the fact that the customer has been previously assessed by the bank, the credit will be even faster. In case of positive outcome of the request, in fact there will be an immediate disbursement of the requested sum of money. Regarding the conditions of the loan without paychecks, these are explained to us on the Onecredit website through an example of an estimate. A loan request of 3000 euros with a duration of 24 months is considered. In this case the monthly repayment installments will be equal to 135 euros, with interest rates of Tan 6.90% and Taeg 8.23%. If the amount of money you need is more than 5000 euros, or if you are not yet a Onecredit customer, do not worry, because there is Credit Express Dynamic for you.

This second type of funding without paychecks, also aimed at housewives and the unemployed, is what is commonly identified as a personal loan. As we are also emphasized on the Onecredit website, the strength of this product is to allow the customer to better manage its financing, so as not to have problems with the reimbursement. Among the services available there are in fact the change of the installment, the jump of the installment and the recharge of the loan. So after receiving the desired amount of money and while we are making the repayment, if the number of installments paid is at least 24 we can proceed with the request for additional liquidity, with a consequent redefinition of the amortization plan. The estimate presented to us regarding Onecredit’s personal loan without paycheck is for 4000 euros. The most attractive solution is probably the one with repayment in 36 months, with installments of 129.44 euros and interest rates Tan 10.20% and Taeg 11.92%. If you prefer an even lower repayment installment then the solution for you is the one with a repayment in 64 months. This solution provides monthly installments of 81.29 euros and interest rates Tan 10.20% and Taeg 11.51%.



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